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Oregon Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that parents have many questions and concerns when sending their child to camp, especially for the first time. We have answered our most common questions below. If there is a question we have not addressed, please feel free to send us a message.

What if my child will arrive later or needs to leave early from camp?2017-03-05T18:24:17-08:00

We recommend that you make every effort to allow your camper to be at camp from the opening activity to the closing. Assimilation to the cabin group and camp life, and saying goodbyes are most easily done at the same time as the other campers. We can accommodate requests for alternate arrival or departure time, but we would like to know in advance. This gives our staff time to prepare your child and the campers in their cabin, making this transition as smooth as possible. Please email director@oregoncampcedarbrook.com.

Where is camp located?2017-03-19T11:18:59-07:00

Oregon Camp Cedarbrook is located at Camp Morrow Conference Center, 37 miles SW of The Dalles, Oregon on the eastern slope of Mt Hood.   79551 N Morrow Rd, Tygh Valley, OR 97063.  A map is located on our forms page.

How do I register my child for camp?2020-02-08T16:52:55-08:00

Use the New Online Registration

Are there any discounts for Camp?2020-02-08T16:50:59-08:00

Yes!  You can apply for a scholarship through Camp – there forms are on the forms page.

What is an Out Trip?2021-04-26T19:33:17-07:00

This is a required activity for all Shikari and Explorer (Jr. High & High School) campers and staff in which they take a 24 hour trip off the camp grounds. These trips require an additional fee to cover the expense related to these activities. They sleep out under the stars, cook their meals over a campfire, and participate in a special activity.

The 2021 Out Trips are:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Geocaching
How are campers grouped?2017-03-05T18:31:15-08:00

Campers are divided by age. Campers are placed in a cabin family with other campers of the same gender and similar age. The Divisions are: Pathfinder (3rd and 4th grade), Trailblazer (5th and 6th grade), Shikari (7th & 8th grade) and Explorer (9th-12th grade). These Divisions plan activities & evening campfires which are age appropriate and allow for the developmental characteristic of the campers in that division.

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?2017-03-05T18:31:42-08:00

We believe that small group settings are the best for campers. Our cabins groups have a camper/counselor ratio of no more than 8 to 1. Our Camp Staff (including Program and Support Staff) to Camper ratio is often as low as 2 to 1. Activity class sizes are small (8-12) to allow for individual instruction and personal connections with campers.

Where can I get more information about Oregon Camp Cedarbrook?2017-03-19T11:22:11-07:00

If you have further questions about OCC and its program please email info@oregoncampcedarbrook.com

What is a cabin like?2017-03-05T18:33:02-08:00

The cabins, simple enclosed structures with minimal electricity, have 4-5 sets of sturdy bunk beds, with mattress. Campers need to bring their own bedding.

Can campers bring snacks to camp?2017-03-05T18:33:52-08:00

Food is not allowed in the cabins. We have found that food in the cabins invites unwanted guests… from insects to rodents (i.e. ants – skunks) If we keep food out of the cabins we have no problems with these visitors. Please refrain from sending food with your child, or in the mail. Our kitchen staff provides wonderful meals and snacks for our campers, and snacks are available in the dining hall between meals.

Can my child have a cell phone or I-Pod?2017-03-05T18:34:34-08:00

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are not allowed at camp. We believe that youth today need a break from perpetual electronic connection. Oregon Camp Cedarbrook’s program is designed to connect our campers -through all five senses- with the natural world around them and develop meaningful relationship skills, by interacting with campers and staff, while at camp. Electronic devices create a barrier to these important facets of our program. Furthermore, there is no reliable cell service at camp.

What if my child gets sick or injured?2017-03-05T18:35:06-08:00

A Camp Nurse is on duty at all times providing first aid, medication administration, and lots of TLC. You will be contacted by the Camp Nurse if your child becomes ill or injured to the point where outside medical intervention appears necessary.

What if my child has medication he/she needs to take?2017-03-05T18:35:31-08:00

Over-the-counter medicines will be administered as needed based on the Camp Physician’s standing orders and the nurse’s assessment of the situation. Please send only vitamins and/or prescription medications in original labeled containers with your camper.

What if my child gets homesick?2017-03-05T18:35:52-08:00

Our staff are trained to recognize the symptoms and are always watching for a homesick camper. We have found that engaging campers in a wide variety of activities quickly alleviates most cases of homesickness. Our program provides many structured and unstructured activities to keep the camper busy. If, however, after the intervention of staff, it becomes apparent that a camper is unable to make the necessary adjustments to camp life we will contact the parent to determine the best course of action.

Will my child be able to communicate with me?2017-03-05T18:36:28-08:00

Campers will not have access to the telephone or to computers. The telephone is available for emergency purposes only, and there is no internet at camp. They will be encouraged to write you letters, and it’s just as important for you to write them too!

What if there is an emergency?2017-03-05T18:37:09-08:00

We have established a phone tree. In the event of an emergency in which you need to be contacted the Camp Director will call the designated callers; they will in turn call you with the necessary information. Please do not call the camp, but instead wait for instruction. We need to keep the phone line open for emergency personnel.

How can I volunteer with Oregon Camp Cedarbrook?2017-03-19T11:22:39-07:00

Contact Marjie “Tweety” Randall at director@oregoncampcedarbrook.com.

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